Maemo Harmattan Could Be The Beginning of The End for Symbian S60

Maemo Harmattan It will be, according to information disclosed by MobileCrunch, the first version of the operating system created by Nokia for their Internet tablets manage a mobile phone. Arrival at the market, estimated between late 2010 and the first quarter of 2011, could also mean the beginning of the end for Symbian S60 as smartphones of Finnish origin star system.

In order to adapt the operating system based on Linux to their new home, – touch screen mobile – Nokia would be working not only in the Rethinking aesthetic that jumps to the eye, but also modify the bowels of Maemo to improve their performance and efficiency and usability.

The Home screen This maemo mobile are characterized by their large dimensions, only the area with a blue background would be visible without vertical scroll, and be punctuated of small applications (widgets) that likes to work in a team. For example, in the case of adding a new event to the calendar, we would see as this would instantly appear in the widget from the calendar on the home screen, in addition to its location appear in the maps Widget.

However, there will be a type of widget that not everyone will like: one that displays ads. This Widget-Ad would be a Optionally get discounts and promotions our operator instead of smearing the sober and elegant screen mobile with ads based on location and behavior. Thus, if the GPS mobile detects that you are near a cinema, it could show you listings of the latest releases. If you browse much cars pages, ads related to this topic would be more frequent in the Maemo Harmattan home screen. The interest of Nokia? A part of revenue for advertising of the operators, which, ultimately, would control the system.

That said, what is most interesting to me is that the arrival of this sixth version of Maemo would be the beginning of the abandonment of Symbian S60 as brain of Nokia smartphones, obviously very long term. Because, as also happens to Windows with its two operating systems, to the proposal of the Finns would not nothing come le mal a clean slate.

That Yes, let us not forget that for now there is no official information about nothing of what said here and that all resemblance to reality could be pure coincidence. MobileCrunch source seems reliable, but there is still more than one year of development, so some of the ideas could be discarded along the way.