Magisto Comes to Android to Offer Us a Tool to Edit and Share Our Videos

Although we have many applications to edit photos, should recognize that the video in this sense has fallen behind. There are solutions for Android, Yes, but they are scarce. Magisto it comes to contribute their bit in this field and offer us an easy to use tool with which we can edit videos and then share them.

Magisto is based on a very simple premise, and with which I disagree a bit: edit video is a roll. I disagree entirely, but it is true that do this on a mobile device isn’t the most fun in the world. In this way, the application wants to simplify to the maximum the whole and us to fix everything in three steps.

First, and most basic, is to select What fragments are going to use: We can use that already have memory or record from the own app. This is done select the music that we want to Fund (there are many well known commercial themes) and finally put the title.

Done, and after giving the button to create the video, is where begins the magic that presumed Magisto. The application Select automatically the fragments that creates better to make a montage of different planes of the videos that you have selected. Subsequently, it will upload it with the option to share it with our friends on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The results offered are correct and it works well for a different touch. We hope obviously a montage to the millimeter or a film worthy of an award. It fulfills its mission, it is a curious application that is worth trying. By the way, videos are uploaded in the background without problem.

Magisto Version 1.0.696

  • Version of Android: from 2.3.3
  • Developer: Magisto
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Video