Maxi Fashion Jewelry – Clicks with Famous and Tips

The maxi’s jewelry and gained space in the neck, arms, fingers and ears of beautiful women like Juliana Paes, Mariana Rios and many other celebrities. Example of this was the conclusion for a very important cause that is the cure of AIDS, where beautiful women prepared for the moment beautifully and with lush jewelry.

Our beautiful Juliana Paes shone with a plunging neckline and a maxi jewelry valued at R real $56000 Ara Vartaniam, where a beautiful tanzanite not overshadowed the beauty of actress. Mariana Rios earrings and beautiful ring were stunning and were as much as enhancing the beauty of the girl. The rings of Renata Kuerten were successful.

Ana Maria Braga was beautiful in black and with a maxi super beautiful earring. All that glamour was seen at the amfAR event, super important that brought together national and international famous. All this information, in addition to showing the beauties, were to emphasize the maxi jewelry is fashion and WINS at large parties and achievements.

In another moment of realizations, Angelina Jolie, Carolina Dickmann rock with beautiful earrings, not to mention pending earrings and large of Megan Fox, Lorraine brand Schawartz. It’s pretty clear that at parties and moments the maxi jewelry is always present. Of course, everything will depend on the style and taste of every woman.

The maxi jewelry can be delicate and feminine in spite of big, with colors, shapes and smaller stones together in a great jewel.

In everyday life, the maxi jewelry or best maxi bijous, as Moon rocks, enormous necklaces, rings and bracelets large sets, always had your place, part of looks beautiful, always thinking in harmony, and balance.

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