Meet Danish Cristina Working for Samsung in London

Here is the story of Cristina from Denmark, who has job as global marketing manager at Samsung in London.

Here is the story of Cristina on 35, which right now are grappling with a job in the mobile industry outside Denmark’s borders.

After several foreign jobs, she is employed as a global marketing manager at Samsung in London. Hear how she ended up abroad, what has been difficult and the challenges she has faced.

The first international experience as little girl

Cristina Mostert was not very old, when she got her first experience of life outside Denmark’s borders.

The first years of life she lived for a year in Bolivia and three years in Belgium, but was then domiciled in Denmark, where she grew up in the suburbs of Copenhagen.

She took a linguistic high school education, a bachelor’s from CBS and reached almost to complete a Master at Aalborg University.

Then her career was not quite as she had first thought of it. An application pulled in a long time, and she describes even his next steps as: “a little random and filled with luck. It has not been so planned, and originally I had thoughts about something within the development work

Cristina sent an application to the UNITED NATIONS, but since the Organization had about a year to give the return response, she had in the meantime been offered internship at SAS. The internship sent her to Australia for the first time, where she became acquainted with a job outside of Denmark.

After the internship turned Cristina home to Denmark, where she soon got a tip about a vacant job in a mobile company:

A friend tipped me about a mobile manufacturer who was by betting more under its own brand name in Europe and was therefore by creating some more features in the Nordic region-a call and some conversations later, I was so lucky to have a job as a Nordic marketing manager

The job was in Denmark, and although she had much experience on the two-and-a-half years she was hired, she longed for to go abroad again.

Longed for foreign challenges

One of her co-workers was hired in Samsung and moved to Germany, and Cristina volunteered fast on the track, if a similar job was vacant. Just a month and a half later got Cristina a mail and a job in Frankfurt:

At the time when I switched to Samsung, you could sense that the mobile telephony sector would be one of their core areas. The post which I sought was to carry out marketing cooperation with Vodafone Global, and for me it was an exciting opportunity to work with such a great customer, where you typically need to think a little more strategic and long term than just this quarterly activities and sales figures

Samsung was interesting because it was a large and more established company, than the one I came from

In General, Samsung attractive in Cristina’s eyes, as the company spread over far more product categories than it was in the company she was employed in:

Samsung was interesting because it was a large and more established company, than the one I came from with many more product categories. Today, I am still impressed with how many industries Samsung actually operating in, not only within Samsung Electronics but the entire Samsung Group. It is truly impressive

Frankfurt switched out with London

It was for three years in Germany, and two years ago was Cristina offered to be part of a newly created central European marketing team in London:

A little more specifically, so I work with marketing support for our global account teams and so work I also suffered with retail-marketing together with the 17 subsidiaries in Europe and our HQ in South Korea

The most difficult part of moving abroad is that it takes longer to establish a social circle

With a “Yes please” to the job in London, she also had to say leave Frankfurt and his acquaintances in Germany:

The most difficult part of moving abroad, is that it takes longer to establish a social circle, when you’re in your 20s anymore. So when I was asked to move to London, I had finally got it and then have to start over again

Something as simple as having to learn to find your way around or how to get the internet is difficult and London do not have the same helpful attitude as Frankfurt. But I have been fortunate to receive a lot of help from Samsung for all the convenience of both of my movements

To live far away from friends and family may frighten anybody, but Cristina was surprisingly easy:

It seems wrong to say it, but it’s been incredibly easy. Modern technology makes it easy to communicate and keep up with each other’s lives. My friends and family are also good to visit me. It also helps that Denmark is so close that when you miss someone, then you can just fly home for a weekend

I miss, however, an impulsive coffee or drink and so I miss being able to follow better with in my friends ‘ children’s lives. They grow so fast
With career switch to London, she also had to learn to adapt to a new culture and a new environment.She is, however, no doubt, why London is a great place to work for her:

It is better because it gives a very special kick and energy level to work in such a large and multicultural city like London and it makes for a great experience having to navigate around

You must be careful with how you talk and how to say things

Nothing, however, is completely light green, and Cristina have since also had to adapt specifically its linguistic expression, in order not to be misunderstood:

We must be careful with how you talk and how to say things because the Danish way of communicating quickly perceived negative and because there is a lot more distinctly competition mentality in England rather than Denmark

To work in a big city such as London for a big firm, can for many sounds more glamorous than it is. The reality is, however, more trivial:

Ha! Not nearly as funny and wildly as people expect that life in London should be. It is much the same life as I had in Denmark and Germany; We have long working days and come home tired in the evening for dinner and a little TV. On weekends, the most in comfort with friends over brunch, dinner, or drinks

In addition to work experience will also be social erudition, and the biggest surprise by the shift from Denmark to England have been:

Where various Englishmen and Danes really is in many areas. To live in a city and work with many different cultures and nationalities can expand quickly to realize that one’s neighbors are not necessarily the ones you have most in common med ”

Have no regrets, but faces enough home one day

Cristina has not regretted it for one second that she left Denmark to try their luck abroad:

“No, never. And I would always encourage people to try to live abroad. We are so privileged in Denmark that if it doesn’t go, it’s pretty easy to move back again. So why not try to get the extra experience with? “

But even though the job in London has given her some experience and a career boost, she is also not in doubt that she will one day return to Denmark:

“Absolutely. But London is a difficult town to leave, and I expect to be where I am for a while yet, and so possibly move on to one of our local markets”