More Mobile Launches 1GB of Data for 18 Euros

The price war continues and now comes to the data field of the “flat rates” for Mobile Internet from computer in an era in which the proximity of the holidays make increase this type of connections.

Másmovil already in November launched its daily rate by 3 cents/MB in contract and 5 cents/MB in prepaid connection and now completes its offer Masinternet launching a monthly fee in form of contract which includes 1 GB of data for 18 euros a month to compete with similar offerings from mobile Bankinter with 1GB for 19 euros and Jazztel with 1GB for 19.95 euros (14.95 if you are customer, ADSL).

As well as the daily rate of Másmovil, the new rate monthly flat stands out as a good alternative for those who need low-volume data but not be limited to a maximum daily or monthly payment as we have used other OMV as Simyo, Masinternet offer is aimed at a customer profile that do not exceed 1.25 GB monthly.

Rate flat monthly Másmovil never reduce the maximum speed available but if it will start pricing to 3 cents MB once the bonus 1 GB of data.

As a launch promotion, free USB modem can be purchased for 79 euros without permanence and also the monthly fee will be reduced to 50% during the months of May and June.