Needle Radio-Frequency: Against Wrinkles, Scars and Sagging Skin

Here’s how the needle radio-frequency against wrinkles, scars and acne. Costs, applications and contraindications.

How many times we put ourselves in front of the mirror and we observe in all respects holding back the facial skin with fingertips to lift for a few moments the skin a bit down our necks?

For a long time there was hope, now the technology has developed a non-invasive method that we can really help out.

This is a new Radiofrequency needle. The system is equipped with one handpiece on which is mounted a disposable tip with many thin needles that are inserted into the skin with a system “to wave” that greatly reduces the pain sensation. These needles are insulated over their entire surface except at the tip and this allows to release energy just deep in the DermIS layer interested, without disturbing the surface. This has a huge advantage, allows to carry out the treatment in the summer as well as post treatment involves a period very short (about 2 days).

Why does this treatment work?

The energy transferred to the tissues in a targeted and controlled allows collagen contraction that over the subsequent months gives to our skin look more toned and compact and lets make some piegolina too.

What is the treatment?

You run the therapy after applying an anesthetic cream to control pain throughout the treatment, what you perceive is a nuisance that lasts only the time of passage of the handpiece. After that, the skin is reddened and swollen, the only side effects, but these do not last more than 36 hours.During this time, however, we can do your makeup and lead a normal social life, just careful not exposed to the Sun. Once you get back to our normal color, we will forget about everything and, after 12-14 days, start to appreciate the first changes. The therapeutic protocol standard provides 3 treatment sessions separated by a time interval of about 1 month apart.

How much does it cost?

When compared to a facelift treatment is much less expensive in terms of time, back to the socially and economically. Each session is between 500 and 1000 Euros, depending on the extent and the number of treated areas.