New Firmware for The N81, Activated Transitions between Menus

Nokia It has given a big surprise a N81 owners and the community of users in general, the new newly released firmware update for this model, the v20.0.056, activates the effect of the released menu transitions in the S60 Feature Pack 2, which at the moment few mobiles used as the N78 or the N96.

In addition improvements have been added as the Demand Paging, to increase performance thanks to an improvement in the management of the memory, Web Runtime Widgets, y Flash Lite 3, with what make sure us to be able to watch videos on sites such as YouTube. Logically also bugs found in previous versions have been removed.

As always, the availability of the update depends on the code of our N82, in Spain Movistar, Vodafone and Yoigo sells it, but are generally free terminals who before can install it via the Nokia Software Update.

Below you can see a video where you can see the mentioned effect, unless you notice a decrease in performance. Let us hope that other models also receive this update, even if such effects are not always to the liking of all.