News HTC: Android or Windows Mobile, and Connector for Headphones

As a result of the reflection that Mr Martin was doing about two of the terminals that HTC is putting on the market, many questions come to mind, do you suppose Android a great distraction for the company’s face to other systems? , or simply becoming a very sweet caramel, with reasons.

Let us remember that HTC He has put on the market three terminals Android in a relatively short time, Dream, Magic and Hero, with a great welcome positive sales and media. In the case of Windows Mobile, Neither company has been ported too bad with exponents as the second parts of the Diamond and Touch PRO.

However any doubt dissipated (at least face the gallery) with statements by Jon Francés, first in the hierarchy of HTC UK and Ireland, which stated that both platforms have the same priority for the Taiwanese company, since they are aimed at different types of consumers.

A very important point for HTC for this decision is the future Windows Mobile 7, which seems that you represent a more important change than hope to some, and they have this material in hand, and they will appreciate it better than we.

I have not so clear is whether all these phones Windows Mobile they will be able to create the noise media and enthusiasm that are creating phones Android recently presented, so playing wait and see how many terminals Android and how many Windows Mobile devices are sold.

Jack connector 3.5 mm for your equipment

On the other hand, and it seems that HTC has expected that the vast majority of devices released later after hearing complaints from users, of the HTC Hero they will come with a Jack connector headset jack 3, 5 mm.

Don’t tell all future handsets, because HTC ensures that devices that have already been announced, will not necessarily be part of this change.

Anyway I think the news positive, because that we like to use headphones quality, the absence of a port of these features is a very negative aspect (I don’t like the idea of an adapter).

The next step, as they are a group of the most important companies of the sector, is that the upcoming HTC phones have universal connectors, and not almost, since the ExtUSB HTC, it is compatible with MicroUSB, we can introduce any MicroUSB cable in the plug of an HTC, it is not compatible with a female MicroUSB cable HTC is.