Nokia Build, Customize Mobile Shell

The customization of the mobile is a field that the manufacturers have not worked too. While inside, i.e. on the interface is possible to adjust many options to our taste with themes, ringtones, wallpapers,… on the outside the normal ma´s is that we can only choose the color.

Samsung Tobi offers a transparent back cover inside which we can insert the picture that you want, but Nokia Build It goes a little further and allows you to create our own design for housing.

The design is applied on the Nokia 7310 Supernova and selects among a series of predesigned templates or create our own from scratch, including photos and drawing freehand on the.

For now only available in France, and with this model concrete, but I am convinced that Nokia Build It would have a good acceptance in Spain, where the ringtone industry has lined with the users who like to customize your phone.