Nokia N86 Officially Unveiled

With the maelstrom of Mobile World Congress, it is logical to pass these things. Nokia has unveiled involuntarily the new N86.

This past weekend was published a photo supposedly taken by a mobile phone of 8 megapixel camera in one of the blogs of the Finnish company. Today, in one of the press releases relating to the collaboration of Nokia with the Carl Zeiss company has been see in all its glory, this new model, in which it appears printed clearly N86 and 8 megapixel camera. The style is similar to the N97, format is sliding keyboard and does not seem to include a touchscreen.

In the absence of the official launch, today or tomorrow, we will continue investigating if we get more data from the first 8-megapixel Nokia.

Updated: it seems that the N86 is also being presented at an event which takes place today in Singapore. Discussed some of its specifications as an unofficial: 8 gigas, AMOLED display of 2.6 inches, micro USB and 3.5 mm audio connector. We leave you with some photos.

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