Now You Can Buy the Nexus 6 in the Danish Google Store

The great Nexus 6-smartphone from Google created in cooperation with Motorola can now be purchased in the Danish Google Store.

If you’re completely crazy with Google’s Nexus product line, but also is annoyed over the small selection that are here in Denmark, so can this news probably provide you with a smile on your face.

Nexus 6-the smart phone can now be purchased directly through Google in the recently launched the Google Store, which is Google’s new webshop only for sales of physical units.

The Google-branded smartphone from Motorola has a price tag on 4,999 Danish kroner for the cheapest version with 32 GB of built-in storage space. You can go one step further and choose 64 GB of storage space for a price that sounds at 5,499 crowns-both not far from the US prices. The two variants can be purchased in either blue or white.

Google Store has until now been a rather sad sight with only Nexus 9-the Tablet from HTC and the affordable Chromecast available here in Denmark, but now you have so the last two products to choose from as the Danish consumer.

It is not only in Denmark, that Google also welcome consumers with it slightly larger range. Also in Austria, Finland, Ireland, Norway and Portugal are Nexus 6 now part of Google-sized range.

You have in the meantime could buy Nexus 6 in a selected number of retailers for approximately the same instructional price that you find in Google’s Web store. You can see the best prices on Nexus 6 on right here.