Now You Can Use Dankort to MobilePay-Buy

Danske Bank strengthens MobilePay in competition for payment with your phone by introducing online payment with your credit card.

If you’re an avid shopper on the Web with the Dankort and are already using MobilePay from Danske Bank, so is the ideal solution ready for you.

With MobilePay Online is now easier than ever to make purchases at Web shops with a credit card.

Since the launch of MobilePay Online summer last year, it has been possible to make easy purchases through MobilePay with Mastercard and VISA cards, but now rearms Danske Bank solution with support for Dankort.

Rather than entering a long and tedious account number, registration number and an expiration date for each trade you must now select only MobilePay Online as payment method during the payment of your item on the Web. Then you must enter your phone number, which you also have registered you in MobilePay-app.

“Instead of pulling the card out in front of your computer and typing the 23 digits from the dankort, you can now manage the entire purchase with credit card from your smartphone,” said Danske Bank’s Chief for MobilePay-Division, Mark Wraa-H, for Computerworld.

Within 5 minutes you will need to confirm your online purchases in MobilePay app on your phone, where the webshop download payment information from. The daily ceiling at 2000 dollars for transfers between persons get rid also with MobilePay Online.

It is up to the individual Web shops, whether they want to pay a subscription to Danske Bank and its affiliates in order to receive payments from customers MobilePay.

Right now you have 300 different Web shops to dispose of, if you want to loop the traditional online payment and go the easy way instead.

With the implementation of the Dankort MobilePay Online amplifier to Danske Bank’s position as the leading provider of mobile payment and gives the competitor, Swipp from the country’s other banks, fighting for the line.