Nude Pics And Trade Secrets: c’t Finds Dangerous Remnants of Data on Used Hard Drives And Smart Phones

If you buy a new hard drive or a new smartphone, like passes the old hardware. Used disks found the c’t so many intimate details and also trade secrets.

Often intimate content and business secrets can be found on used smartphones, hard drives, and printers. On such devices, the c found ‘ t, for example, Selfies by women, naked, presented their partners in lingerie or together with the child in the bathtub. Construction drawings, citizenship certificates and Wills (“I would like to wear the white Nightgown from Grandma.”) appeared. A hard disk we have on the PC simply and booted the Windows installed on it; Accounts for various Web services were stored in the browser.

Delete should the buyer

We have looked around on the used market, bought some used hardware and looked it up, whether the sellers have done worrying about your privacy. Thereby we not only once frightened beat us with his hand on the forehead. Many contemporary dealing with purely not it, what happens to their personal data. In an eBay ad it was already that the seller would like to leave the buyer to delete the data. Others had indeed deleted their magnetic disk or formatted, but not overwritten. So we were able to restore many files on these disks, not intended for others.

Smartphones and printer are also at risk

But hard disks are also affected. Also smartphones — at least those with an older version of Android – leave no residue to clean the functions supplied by the manufacturer. Department printer with its own hard drive are also dangerous, because cached documents to be printed there. We have found also incoming and outgoing faxes, and scans. You can protect yourself however: in the current c’ read t, how to safely delete unneeded disk – drives, SSDs or Smartphones. The issue 13 is available tomorrow Saturday at the kiosk, subscribers receive them already.