OnePlus’s Next Product Is … a Drone

The next and long teased product from the Chinese start-up, OnePlus, appears to be nothing more than a drone.

The next product from OnePlus is not a smartphone, nor a tablet or a smartwatch. No, it is actually a drone, which is a small, remote-controlled helicopter-often called a quadrocopter with four rotor blades.

Just two days ago drew the previous teasers otherwise for a new product geared towards gaming, URf.eks. a controller or a small gaming console, but recent information pointing in a slightly different direction.

Yesterday arranged OnePlus team a so-called AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the website, where you can ask about anything. Here was one of OnePlus people asked what the next product can be, now when a smartphone and tablet are excluded. The user wanted a hint where the answer was: “I give you a hint. The model name is DR-1. “

Another user asked also in to what the plans for the future, to which the founder, Carl Pei, responds: “It is a drone, DR-1 and we will begin selling it next month.”

Already three months ago revealed OnePlus may drone. On Instagram uploaded the an image with the text: “We have been playing with our new drone and shot this photo of our building at night. What will you see next? “

At that time there were no reports of any product from OnePlus in an entirely new product category, and therefore were looking the picture of course not people’s thoughts onto that OnePlus would actually develop and sell its own drone.

OnePlus has many times made users aware that it wants to sell products with a minimal profit in order to get the price down. Therefore, you can probably expect a drone that will be affordable, but in which price range, it will be in, is not to know.

What do you think? Can it really be careful that the small start-up company now must to sell drones?