Orange Go: Thus Are The New Rates with More Gigs (Optional) and GB Free with Payment to Deadlines

Orange definitely says goodbye to its fares with names of animals. First did with convergent offering Kangaroo replaced by Love and now replaces the rest of mobile rates by the new Go Top, Go Up, Go Play, essential and speaks. Five new rates valid from April 3 to new clients and unlike changes to Movistar and Vodafone, Orange will allow to keep the rates of animals to existing customers without changing the conditions.

In this way, Orange will be the only operator that will respect the conditions signed by customers avoiding the controversy of unhappy users that see all fares unless they take advantage to improve conditions. This time, dolphin, whale, Toucan, or Hummingbird users will have to apply for the rate change voluntarily since they are not migrated automatically.

As you are checking the trend of recent months, the major changes affect to a notable gigs included in the rates increase in Exchange for a rise of between 1 and 3 euros and some inherited incentives rates Love as the roaming in the EU or the free multiSIM included in the rates Go, although in this case they will have to pay a cost of 3 euros per each additional SIM service activation.

What has changed?

Until now


Hummingbird0 cent/min + 1 GB
11.95 EUR
Essential0 cent/min + 1.5 GB
12,95 EUR
Whale Play100 minutes + 6 GB
25.95 euros
Go Play100 minutes + 10 GB
25.95 euros
DolphinUnlimited min + 3 GB
31,95 EUR
Go UpUnlimited min + 8 GB
32,95 EUR
WhaleUnlimited min + 6 GB
41,95 EUR
Go TopUnlimited min + 20 GB
44,95 EUR

Next to these rates that update the existing conditions, Orange has also created a new “Speaking” modality that includes calls unlimited and 1.5 GB for a promotional price from 22.95 EUR always if you hire during the month of April

In addition, as it had been happening in the current rates in animals, Orange will continue to apply a 20% discount on the monthly forever to all those additional mobile lines you are under the same headline.

Gigas extra free if you buy a mobile phone installment

Against other peculiarities as the Zero Vodafone Chat that allows that the data credits last longer bet Orange also by a sweeten your rates with a free data, referred to as smartGB extra, Thanks to an innovative proposal in Spain which is trying to promote the sale of devices to deadlines.

For those interested in purchasing a Smartphone, tablet or funded smartwatch along with the new rates in Orange, the operator will reward with a extra free valid data during 24 months of permanence that will make the Orange rates stand out above the proposals of his rivals in financing of devices.

The extras added to each rate are in the following way:



So it is with payment by instalments

  • 500 MB
0 cent/min + 2 GB
  • 500 MB
Unlimited min + 2 GB
Go Play
  • 4 GB
100 min + 10 GB
Go Up
  • 4 GB
Unlimited min + 12 GB
Go Top
  • 10 GB
Unlimited min + 30 GB
Essential love
  • 500 GB
200 min + 4 GB
Love without limits
  • 2 GB
Unlimited min + 10 GB

So is the offer complete mobile fare Orange

Improvements in rates Love without change of prices

Despite the fact that the converging rates Love they were updated in February, Orange will give an impulse to respond also to the increase of gigas in the converging of Movistar and Vodafone, although in this case, the increase of gigas will be automatic since it does not imply any additional costs.

Specifically, essential Love becomes count of 2.5 to 3 GB while Love without limits will increase 6 to 8 GB data capacity. Family Love rates will remain unchanged.