Orange Grows on All Fronts in Spain, with a Significant Rise in Revenue and More Customers

Although the main market of Orange is in France, their place of origin, the company has backed strong Spain, which now allows you to reap the benefits. Orange has just presented its results in the last quarter and therefore the total of 2016, and look for where you look them all are positive data for the French company.

Revenues from Orange in Spain grew by 7.9% in the last quarter, which has led to that in 2016 all its profitability rises 13%. Those numbers come from the evolution of clients of the operator, that He grew up in mobile, fixed broadband and television, where already more than half a million subscribers.

5.014 million euros revenue for services during 2016 Orange in Spain. 6% more than a year and to grow significantly in revenue for mobile services (7.7%), while EBITDA is gone to 1.349 billion euros, 13.4% more. where do those numbers come from? The good reception of the commercial offer of the operator.

Grows in mobile and internet, fires in TV

Orange has at end of 2016 15.918.000 mobile customers in Spain, 4.4% more than a year ago. That increase comes from the side of the contract, since postpaid customers grew by 5.8% while those of prepayment have fallen 0.9%. Also emphasizes Orange that serve 2.4 million customers of MVNO that provides coverage, 55% more than 12 months ago.

Customers connected by fiber have doubled and subscribers to Orange TV have multiplied by 1.7

5% has also grown the company fixed internet clients, and these 3.940.000, which 84% have a contracted convergent rate. Where the figures soar out of fiber, double from year to year, and television, with 507.000 subscribers, is 1.7 times higher than in 2015.

The fiber and the 4G continue their advance

Regarding the evolution of the deployment of next generation networks, Orange has revealed that its 4 G already reaching 90% of the Spanish population, while its fiber is already available to 9.6 million households. The advance is important if we take into account that by the end of 2015 these figures were 86% in the case of the 4 G and 6.8 million in the case of the fiber.

Rates with more data coming soon

During the press conference of presentation of the results, Orange has also responded to a question important, if they will respond to increasing gigas in mobile tariffs that have executed Movistar and Vodafone (still no official confirmation) recently. The response has been positive, although This increase of gigas will be carry a price increase. That Yes, in Orange wanted to boast of flexibility when it comes to every day is configure your custom products to hire.