Orange Reaffirms Its Commitment to The Fiber, Your Coverage Will Not Be Less Than MoviStar or Vodafone

Last week, Vodafone and Telefónica signed an agreement that can be considered historical. The British operator shall have the right for at least five years to use all of the fiber of Movistar network in Spain, something that until now was not possible because the regulation excludes wholesale access to the network in 66 cities that have at least three networks of fiber or cable.

With Vodafone increasing its coverage of fiber nearly 10 million more than 16 covering the Movistar network, the victim of that agreement seemed to Orange. But after several days of silence, the Orange operator wished to stress its clear commitment to fiber, offering details of its current deployment, their future plans and noting also that its coverage is the same or greater than that of Movistar or Vodafone, Thanks to an agreement they have signed with Telefónica.

The commitment of Orange fiber in Spain has led to a curious fact, and is the operator It has more households connected with fiber in our country than in France, his native country and main market. Today Orange fiber reaches 10 million Spanish households, but their commitment is very clear: come with its own network to 14 million households for 2019, after having advanced above that goal a year.

Coverage where also reaches Movistar

Despite such effort in own deployment, the Orange network will continue behind the Movistar, but equally the French operator will reach as many homes as Movistar and now Vodafone. The reason is simple, since Orange will use the regulated wholesale supply to access areas without own coverage where if reaches the fiber of Movistar.

This would leave out those 66 cities in which Movistar is not obliged to share their fiber, but that is where Orange has also managed to play their cards well. In this case, the French have fiber in all these cities, but to cover the possible gaps which may have their coverage, Orange has a commercial agreement with Telefonica that would allow him to use its fiber.

The Orange fiberglass cover must be equal or superior to that of Movistar and Vodafone, thanks to wholesale access regulated or agreed

Therefore, despite the historic agreement between Telefónica and Vodafone, the truth is that Orange will not stay behind. Its commitment to the own deployment is still on the table and complement it with wholesale access regulated or agreed. Good news for all, Since it will always be better to have many more options for contract services of telecommunications.