Orange Redoubles Its Commitment to The Bars to 120 Euros Football Package Until September

The price of access to the football televised from our homes ran the risk of climbing as a result of the last auction of their rights, but the fight between operators, who use it as a hook to win customers for its products, has allowed that a season over its price stays low.

Still, many are those who prefer to watch the games in a bar and for the catering establishments football has another much higher price. Packages for bars with all the football pass longer than 200 euros but now Orange has a good offer for new customers, that reduced to 120 euros package with all channels.

The regular price of the Orange bars football package 193,60 euros (160 euros plus taxes) so it is savings for those who hire now is 38% or a total of more than 500 euros until September 1, even when maintaining the promotional price, on September 1.

160 euros for football, internet and mobile

To calculate the total price of the invoice to pay by a bar by having all football with Orange must be added to the rate a Love, being the cheapest business essential Love, which for 50 euros per month includes landline, internet with ADSL or fiber of 50 Mbps and a mobile line with 200 minutes and 3 GB, although during the first four months the monthly fee is lowered to 40 euros.

Therefore, it is possible to have all the football and a bar for 160 euros communications four months and for 170 euros until September 1, when the promotion of the package ends football. Significant savings, since the most economical choice in Movistar or Vodafone (the other operators with a similar product) has a monthly fee of 267 euros. That Yes, the promotion of Orange is linked to 12 months of permanence.