Orange Widens The Range of Routers for 4G at Home with The TP-Link MR200 Archer, Four-Port Ethernet

As in the conditions of the rates are important, not to say the most important thing of any service or product, equipment that is provided also with them is of great importance. Today it is usual that a smartphone free, if you need it, be sought by your side when you change mobile operator user but We are still mainly relying on operators for the equipment of fixed or mobile connections.

Even so, operators can not neglect routers to offer to their customers if they want to keep happy, since the quality of the router it depends on greatly the quality of full service. And this Orange has decided to extend the options available in its 4G at home with a new router, the MR200 Archer TP-Link, which offers four ethernet connections to the user.

The 4G in house of Orange is intended to replace the fixed in a home connection. The tariff, which offers 35 GB by 34,95 euros or 29.95 euros for customers of certain mobile rates, is accompanied by Yes or Yes in its hiring of a router Huawei B310S-22 free in Exchange for 12 months of permanence. A router that allows you to reach up to 150 Mbps down, although as recognized by the own Orange usual speed is between 20 and 50 Mbps.

The limitation that some users could be found in the Huawei option is that only has one ethernet port, something that solves the new TP-Link option. The MR200 Archer offers the same maximum speed as the Huawei router, but offers up to four ethernet ports to 100 Mbps each. Another advantage of the new option is that You can create WiFi networks both in the 2.4 GHz band 5 GHz.

Free with 12 months of permanence

TP-Link Archer MR200 arrives from today itself to the catalogue of Orange and makes it on equal terms with respect to the Huawei B310S-22. Hiring 4G home router will be free in Exchange for 12 months of permanence.