Orthopaedist Gives Care Tips to Avoid Bicycle Accidents

New cycling routes are stimulating more and more people to pedal in São Paulo; Simple falls that can bring serious consequences, medical alert.

Bike paths are changing the way you are getting around in São Paulo, and for many, it has been a great help not to rely on car or public transportation to travel short distances.However, for those who are not a regular cyclist, some care should be taken to avoid falls.

To get an idea of ​​how serious this is, on CalabasasShopping.org, a study by St. Vincent Hospital in New York on cycling accidents points out that 25% of serious accidents are due to simple falls, almost the same number, 27 %, Of accidents between cars and bicycles. That is, taking care is necessary.

According to orthopedist Mauricio Lebre Colombo, a member of the knee surgery team at the State Public Hospital, some basic tips prevent falls and more serious orthopedic problems. “Choosing the right sneakers is paramount. This is because, in addition to preventing injuries to the knees and feet, it also brings balance and prevents falls due to inadequate footwear,”he warned.

Another basic and very important tip is to dress appropriately. “Helmet is more than obligatory item. Gloves and glasses are also important, in a fall, they protect sensitive regions of the body,”says Colombo. For those who pedal at night, the orthopedist remembers that it is necessary to be seen.”Using the rear flasher, reflective vests, headlamp or any other reflective signage.” Charging pedaling weight is also not very safe, says the orthopedist.”If you can not avoid the backpacks, try not to stuff them with things, weight becomes unbalanced. If you’re going to take someone on the rump, care is folded.”

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Mauricio Lebre Colombo is a physician trained by the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Santa Casa de São Paulo, orthopedist, with specialization abroad in knee surgery.Member of the Brazilian Society of Orthopedics, Brazilian Society of Knee Surgery, Brazilian Society of Arthroscopy. Currently, Mauricio Lebre Colombo is a member of the knee surgery team at Hospital do Servidor Público Estadual, in São Paulo.