Our Site: No Thanks to More Price War

Our site is not a proponent of the price war that has plagued the Danish telecommunications sector and call now to focus changes.

With our site has just presented the financial statements of the most recent quarter, and although the figures are not nothing but encouraging look our site-Director still forward with hope.

-“We are seeing an ever-escalating competition in the business-and private market, and this will be reflected in the result compared to the same period last year. Price competition is very tough right now, even among the established players in the market, so it is my hope that the forthcoming initiatives in the market is not just about price, “says from Marek Slacik in a press release.

It is not many months ago to our site’s Director, Carsten Dilling, were out in the press with similar tones, where he to¬†our site¬†stated that the price war had to stop.