Our Site: So Are We Ready with 4 G on Your Phone

From today our site-customers the possibility to exploit the fast 4 g data network directly on the smart phone.

The Danish our site customers can for the first time from today, take advantage of the fast 4 g data networks directly on their smartphone, if this supports it.

At the same time as the 4 g network is reported as ready launches our site also today Samsung Galaxy S III in the 4 g version. This is the first smartphone in Denmark, which supports it lightning-fast data networks.

Our site’s 4 g network covers today 75 percent of the population and the whole of 192 cities, this also means you can really get something out of the Samsung Galaxy S (III) in the 4 g-series.

iPhone 5 could have been the first phone that supported 4 g network in Denmark, but this is an error from the Apple side put a stop to.

As a result, the Samsung Galaxy S (III) 4 g so the first – several others are also on the way, among other things, they long as they awaited Nokia Lumia-models.