Places to Visit in Kent, England

According to Just in Shoes, Kent is probably the first county you come across when you visit England. Most ferries dock in Dover and the tunnel arrives at Folkstone. And before you travel further, it is certainly worth stopping in this beautiful region. In addition to a lovely landscape, beautiful villages and very nice cities, there are a lot of sights here that you should definitely not miss.

Top 10 Kent Attractions

#1. Chalk cliffs of Dover
The Chalk Cliffs of Dover (The White Cliffs of Dover). One of the advantages of taking the ferry to England is the sight of these beautiful chalk cliffs just before you arrive in England. It is often the first thing you see of England and every time just as beautiful. Especially in the early morning when the weather is clear or when the sun is setting when the sun turns the rocks red. The white rocks are the result of centuries of exposure to the forces of nature. The soft chalk cliffs have thus come to their present form. Large pieces still fall off the edge with some regularity. It is therefore not advisable to stand on the edge or walk around at the foot of the rocks.

#2. Canterbury
Canterbury is a beautiful medieval town. Well worth a day to walk around. In addition to a beautiful old cathedral, the city also has many nice medieval streets, various museums and a bustling shopping center. Don’t forget to take a tour in one of the small rowing boats that sail the tourists through the city.

#3. Castle of Dover
Dover Castle (Dover Castle) is a castle built on top of the highest point of Dover. For centuries, the castle was the first defense against external attacks and has endured a lot over the centuries. The castle is therefore not completely intact, but certainly worth a visit. The visitor is guided back to different eras in which the castle plays an important role. The central tower shows everything about life in the Middle Ages and is completely furnished as a medieval residence. The ramparts, walls and watchtowers of the castle offer spectacular views over the canal and the surrounding area. The underlying corridor systems take you back to the time of the Second World War. The so-called “wartime tunnels” tell the story of espionage and covert operations led from the castle.

#4. Leeds
Castle Leeds Castle is a beautiful castle situated near the village of Leeds. The castle was built in the early Middle Ages and has often been further improved over the years. The castle is surrounded by a large moat. Several kings and queens have lived in the castle. Today it is a nice museum with many visitors every year. Medieval games are held in the summer months and there is also an open-air cinema in the park.

#5. Broadstairs
Broadstairs is a nice town on the coast. It is a real seaside resort where sun, sea and sand are of paramount importance. Laze by the water, surf in the surf, or take a walk through the old seaside resort. There are a few museums and Broadstairs still has many charming Victorian houses.

#6. RAF Manston history museum
Kent was the scene of the Battle of Brittain during the Second World War. The monument that commemorates this can also be found in this county. It is therefore not surprising that the glorious history of the Royal English Air Force (RAF) is told here. Anyone interested in aviation can indulge themselves in the museum. Real aircraft, uniforms and lots of images and video material tell the story of the RAF.

#7. Dickens World
The extraordinary Charles Dickens wrote many famous books. Who does not know “a Christmas Carrol”. The Dickens World amusement park is completely set up around the theme of his books and all the characters that played in them. It has many attractions including the longest roller coaster after dark in Europe.

#8. Chatham
The historic shipyard in Chatham. This shipyard was used for a long time by the English navy. The ships that defeated the Spanish Armada and fought in the Falklands War were made and repaired here. The shipyard gives a nice overview of how it was here in history. There is a large rope mill where you can still make your own rope and there are several ships where historical extras give you a good idea of ​​the time. You can view not only large historic flagships, but also submarines here.

#9. Howletts Wild Animal Park
This beautiful animal park is located just outside Canterbury. It has very spacious animal enclosures where you can see the animals walking around. The lemurs are sometimes so close you can touch them and the elephant herd is the largest in all of England. In addition to the park, the Foundation of the park also maintains several projects for the protection of animal species.

#10. Ramsgate
Ramsgate is an important coastal town on the English coast. The town has a large harbor and was already an important port in Victorian times. This old Victorian glory can still be admired. No fewer than 900 Victorian structures are still intact and give Ramsgate a beautiful old look. A good example of this is the Townley House from the 18th century. In addition to the harbor, Ramsgate also has a number of fine beaches and a nice boulevard where you can relax in good weather.

Kent, England