Pre Baselworld 2016-The Tease (Feat. Rolex, Tudor & Tag Heuer)

There we go! And although the BASELWORLD 2016 launches officially next week. That discourages some watch manufacturers but not to begin already with the PR and the popular Teasen of watches.

Can you do. Not spectacular or creative, you can make…

Something more exciting and more concrete:

The Autavia Cup-democracy at Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer puts at the teasing for the BASELWORLD 2016 another one on it – and teast for the BASELWORLD 2017 with. With any less Autavia Watch series. These watches are true icons when it comes to Vintage Chronographs. Incredibly beautiful, coveted and expensive.

And that is Tag Heuer in 2016 with these icons:

You can see right: Heuer – and Autavia fans can soon influence and from a total of 16 vintage Autavias of 60s decide which watch in 2017 by Tag Heuer will be reissued. The action begins on 17 March 2016, at the same time to the opening of BASELWORLD. The winner Autavia announced Tag-Heuer-chef Jean Claude Biver then on 18 April 2016. Learn more about this here and guys from ablogtowatch.

And here the candidates who make the choice pretty hard for one:

Great watches, nice action! And also a nice form of market research. Because I’m guessing that it is will be a model in the next few years. Well done, Jean Claude Biver 😉

And at this point some general time, because it always occurred to me in recent years: you can hold byJean-Claude Biver, whatever you want. But the LVMH Supremo of the brands day Heuer, Zenith and Hublot is- roughly-ten times more flexible and more creative than 98 percent of the Swiss watch industry. And it is repeatedly demonstrated. Another thing is whether you always like what his head there broods and enforces. But this sometimes too loud and energetic man moving at least something in this rich and marked by sluggishness, hesitation and security thinking watch industry.

Sorry for the rant. Caught me again.

So, more of the BASELWORLD 2016.