Samsung Galaxy Lite, Simplified for Your First Terminal Android Version?

After HTC, Samsung It seems to be the most interested in the development of terminals Android, After your first handset on the market, the Samsung i7500 Galaxy, have been getting us a simplified version of the same information in recent weeks, but they did not come from very reliable sources.

However in today’s news we receive from the Wi-Fi Alliance, that has granted the Wi-Fi certified to an unknown Samsung i5700 (aka Galaxy-lite), therefore we are talking about something credible, as we can see in the file PDF which demonstrates the certification.

Now the question is, what will differentiate the first model?, we already know that it has Wi-Fi connectivity, is a low-cost model?, by the name that seems to indicate, I suppose that the screen AMOLED will not be one of the victims, but perhaps if you decide to place a less quality camera.

Remember, that the Samsung Galaxy i7500 has a touchscreen AMOLED 3.2 inch, 3G network support, a 5 mega pixel camera with Flash and 8 GB of internal memory. We will see that it is lost on the way.

If this were the case, a terminal would follow the footsteps of HTC and its model Click (picture below), Android It ensures that you will have a very affordable price, creating a line of access terminals with Google’s operating system, and it seems that Samsung does not want to Miss.

Taking advantage of that we speak of the Samsung Galaxy original, I leave you with a promotional video of the terminal in Italy, you don’t have anything new but it is quite nice: