Samsung Galaxy S (III) Ensures the Accounting Record

The top model from Samsung has beaten all sales records and is now also contributing to another record company.

For the fourth quarter in a row, the South Korean electronics giant Samsung has set record, which means a quarterly profit of 42.5 billion kroner.
It is especially the sale of the Galaxy phones, which ensures this record. It writes our site.

In this year’s third quarter is believed Samsung, having sold 18-20 million of the top model Galaxy S III, which has been a contributing factor to the large surplus, which is equivalent to 461 million dollars per day in the latest quarter from July to September.

Samsung’s profits when, however, not the competitor Apple, as in the same period have had 512 million dollars a day in pure profit.

Samsung drops usually do not number of manufactured phones, however, analysts estimate the production of Galaxy-series, which is the big draw, to be around 58 million copies.