Samsung Grabs 256 Gb In a Micro-Sd Card

The Samsung microSD EVO plus (EVO) is with up to 256 Gigabyte capacity available and so the micro-SD card with the largest seating capacity.

In the competition, Samsung in a new round goes to the “greatest” micro-SD memory card: up to 256 GByte microSD EVO contains +. Thus passing Samsung SanDisk and Lexar: about a year ago, SanDisk introduced the first micro-SD card with 200 GB recently moved the Micron Lexar brand with the high performance 633 x. The 512-GB card announced about a year ago also didn’t show up until today.

While there are regular-sized SD cards or even CF cards with 512 GB capacity, the tiny design limited the capacity of micro-SD cards: larger NAND Flash chips simply do not fit. The 200 GByte card, SanDisk had proudly explains the high cost of the production: in only 0.7 mm strong card 16 sit stacked one above the other Flash-this is about a controller-the.

Available for 250 euro

The microSD EVO + Samsung used for V-NAND Flash, anyway, probably with triple level cells (TLC NAND). When reading with a UHS-I compatible (USB – 3.0-) card reader to the card up to 95 MB/s reach. When writing, she comply with the requirements of U3 and class 10, creates continuously at least 30 MByte/s, which is enough for compressed 4K-Videos.

According to Samsung the microSD EVO + will be available 256 GB in may for 250 euro. The mentioned 200 GByte cards are much cheaper to have the SanDisk Ultra microSD UHS-I from about 80 euros. The microSD EVO + according to Samsung is waterproof to IPX7 and withstand temperatures from-25 to + 85 degrees Celsius. Samsung warranty is 10 years.

The EVO + does not belong to the fastest available micro SD cards: microSDXC UHS-II are over 250 MB/s read, provided that also the card reader or the used digital camera, the Smartphone share a UHS-II interface.

Beware of fakes

Some dealers and auction platforms, already micro-SD cards with more than 256 GB, SD cards with more than 512 GBytes and USB sticks with 2 TByte surfaced in the past. This is consistently forgeries: the products are usually cheaper than the necessary Flash chips even at lowest spot market prices would be to have. Not infrequently, the brand names were forged. In the c’t lab has been shown in some of these products that there was only a small fraction of the Flash memory. These Flash based storage devices should you buy only from trusted dealers, where you have good prospects for a trouble-free processing of complaints.