Samsung Invests in Fitness to Leverage Smart Watch

Galaxy Gear and Gear 2 2 Neo bring heart rate meters and levels of stress; Korean uses Citizen system

The Samsung revealed this Sunday (23) two new computerized watches – the so-called smartwatches – including health monitors and devices for physical activities.

The first company, Galaxy smartwatch clock Gear, was released via Healthvv in September in the midst of a lot of noise, but hit the market without causing a major upheaval. Samsung and other manufacturers of smart watches have failed to convince many consumers that they must be able to constantly check the messages that appear on their wrists. Wear devices that have made successes were more focused on physical activities, like the Fitbit .

The new Gear and Gear 2 2 Neo will have a heartbeat, a pedometer (which accounts for steps) and various tools for exercise, sleep and to measure levels of stress. The low-resolution camera of 2 megapixel camera was transferred to the central body of the devices – before, she stood in the bracelet. There is no way of knowing if the Neo will have a camera.

It is also uncertain whether the new watches will show the time continuously. In the original, he was off Gear to save battery, which only lasted a day. The new watches promise two or three days of autonomy with normal use, which puts them more in line with its rivals.

Samsung does not immediately revealed the prices of new watches, but reported that the equipment will be available in April.

New models use operating system Citizen

The announcement was made on the eve of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which takes place in Barcelona, Spain. Samsung will have a great event on the evening of Monday (25), during which they must announce a successor to the popular smartphone your Galaxy S4.

The company decided to produce its latest smart watches with a little known operating system called Citizen instead of Android , Google ‘s, used in the original Gear. Samsung seeks to break the domination of the search giant in mobile devices.

The play gives some confidence to an OS that Samsung and other supporters want to see in all equipment, including televisions, refrigerators and cars. Samsung already has a camera Citizen released, but a phone with the same system is still to appear, despite the expectations over the past year.

Although Google allow use of Android by any manufacturer, the system comes with a number of services of the American company, as apps stores, music and videos. Samsung tries to promote its própriars shops as well as ends up confusing users by incluiras two versions of each app on devices.

To avoid that Google has a similar domain in dressing devices and other equipment in addition to phones and tablets, Samsung has impulsionndo the Citizen as an alternative. But before the operating system take flight, the South needs the Gear to be a success.

The original Gear interacted with some phones from Samsung to show emails and text alerts. It also had a camera in low resolution photo bracelet and a speaker to make Dick Tracy-style calls. 1.6 inch screen keeps the watch small enough – at least for men-to act as an accessory. The bracelets are available in six colors.

But the equipment has a number of flaws.

The price, $ $300 (R $708.57) was 50% higher than the SmartWatch clock 2 , Sony . And the Gear worked only with some Samsung phones, while the clocks of Sony and Qualcomm interact with a broader range of devices like Android system from a number of manufacturers.

In addition, the selection of apps on the Gear was limited, and the ones that were available were little funciohnalidade. Although the Gear promise quick access to information – what would prevent the Act of querying the phone constantly-many of the alerts just notify you that it is necessary to check the phone to read a new message.