Shirt Henley Men’s Collar, Different and Timeless

If you want to have basic, timeless fashion style and even get out of sameness, this is the right kind of t-shirt for you. Just like the V-neck T-shirt, it looks good on anyone, from the skinny to the fat, as well as the stronger ones. I’m talking about the  men’s henley shirt.

It became popular in the 1970s in countries such as the United States, England, Australia and Canada and has since been part of the style of men with personality and good taste. The origin of the name, Henley, came from the rowing team of Henley on Thames, England, who wore this type of uniform shirt. Check out a little more of its history.

You can wear Henley shirts, as it is called out there, with jeans, twill trousers, under another traditional shirt, with a blazer, a coat…Virtually a wild piece. Buttoned or not, it’s worth the creativity when it comes to wearing your henley shirt. Check out some looks to get inspired.


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