Simyo Is The Only Operator Charged for Receiving MMS

Through the comments on the blog of Simyo, we learned as one of the top-rated OMV charges for receiving multimedia messages MMS, something “ new ” in Spain.

The payment price is not nothing exaggerated since it can cost some 2 cents each received MMS but it is striking that is the only operator that charges for this concept in Spain.

From Simyo allege that the sent / receipt of MMS is a connection data and as such, the traffic generated by the service even if the explanation does not have much logic because they only charge by welcome to some users and never shipping since this is a fixed price independent of the data connection charge.

Reality, it seems that the absence of a unique profile for the MMS service makes impossible the distinction of receiving an MMS Some customers a simple connection to the internet so it’s time there was no other way to save the service If you’re one of those workers affected.

Hopefully Simyo continue delighting us with the good news that we are accustomed and know fix soon these “ bugs & #8221; that despite generating small costs for the user, if that can create some unease among undecided customers choose a low-cost operator.

UPDATE: They clarify from Simyo in our comments Simyo not charged the received MMS and that it was an error of communication by the company.