Simyo Launches a New Modem Usb

Simyo, the MVNO with the monthly rate of mobile internet which has the best conditions, launches a new modem usb stick format to be able to connect from a computer with Windows or MacOS.

It’s a device Plug and Play so it will be installed automatically when connected to the computer without the need of an additional cd as well as other usb modem. The concrete model of Simyo is the Huawei E156 with HSDPA, which allows for a maximum of 3.6 Mbps down Although it is not HSUPA by what the upload speed is limited to a maximum of 384 Kbps.

As an additive, the modem also works as microSD card reader so that you can use to transfer to the computer the data that have been saved in this type of cards (for example, many mobile use microSD to expand his memories so that it will be easier to be able to have that data on your computer).

And like everything in Simyo, the modem will be free and no permanence for a price of 59 euros which makes it very attractive for those who are tired of using your mobile phone as a modem by connecting it to the computer.