Smartphones: New Technique For a Slower-Growing Market

The market researchers agree: the big boom in smartphones is over. New techniques such as biometrics or virtual reality for the manufacturer are more important.

Market researchers expect that the growth in the global smartphone market is further weakening. The market by 7 percent to around 1.5 billion selling new devices will grow this year, expect the Smartphone experts from Gartner. Last year, the market still up 14 percent was grown. Analysts at IDC expecting a similar volume of market, but only get a growth of 3 percent.

Smartphones: the highlight was 2010

“The Smartphone market is no longer growing at the level of the past seven years”, Gartner analyst Roberta Cozza said. 2010 with a growth of 73 percent had been the highlight, meanwhile, the core markets in North America, Europe, Japan and some regions of Asia are nearly saturated. A premium Smartphone owners buy a new here on average every two and a half years.

The music now plays in China and India, which is reflected also in the manufacturer charts of market researchers. While traditional manufacturer such as Sony or LG ranked at the top spots behind Samsung and Apple in recent years, as Chinese companies such as Huawei, oppo, Xiaomi found or vivo.

New technology

The Smartphones of the Chinese newcomers find out with their good price performance ratio beyond the important home market appeal with consumers. There, they must follow the pace of innovation, pretend the big brands with their champions. Gartner has identified some of the technical developments, the manufacturers currently not come around.

Gartner calls in this context loading techniques for the battery: quick batch will play an equally strong role accordingly in the next two years as wireless charging techniques such as qi. To get assistance systems such as Google now, Siri or Cortana. Also biometric security features and augmented and virtual reality are among the important future technologies the market researchers. Further, Gartner is called curved displays, cameras with multiple lenses and USB C