Sony Ericsson Does Not Have as a Priority The Development of a Phone Android

Another soap opera that has start last summer, Sony Ericsson He showed his interest in using Google’s operating system in some of its terminals, and they were studying the best way to do it, and in December 2008 the company joined the Open Handset Alliance.

We recently had a major buzz about the terminals in question, but now it seems that the thing stops suddenly if we listen to the statements of Hideki (Dick) Komiyama, President of the company.

The President reported on Friday that Sony Ericsson do not have as a priority the development of an Android phone, and will take all the time that is necessary in this process.

For the company, Android It is a very important operating system, but it requires the development of a final product time evaluation, testing and required customization of the system to its image, while other companies fall to use the operating system’s Google without considering these steps, creating products that are not differentiated from the competition.

Today, Sony Ericsson bet by two large platforms: Symbian and Windows Mobile, Remember that your most important phone, the Sony Ericsson Idou, will be one of the first handsets to use open-source Symbian Foundation operating system, name Symbian ^ 2.

I believe that this information out of the mouth of the President himself does more than create a negative media image, since it shows involvement by new systems (the case of Samsung), opting for a conservative position.

A position on the other hand I do not think that it is best to face deep losses that is taking the company in so far this year, which, like last year, could be accompanied by cuts in the template.

In yesterday’s first-quarter results were also presented (also Nokia did), with a 35% decrease in sales compared to the same period of last year, and a loss of 358 million euros.

Negative data, motivated by the situation of crisis which the industry now finds itself and the need to renew a range of terminals shortly in line with what the market demands. I hope Sony Ericsson soon find positive results, but I think that the problem of the company is not in making things better, but how strong coming competition.