Sony Xperia E4: Small Price, Great Experience [Test]

Review: Sony’s latest budget mobile, Xperia E4, is far better than the price the sign suggests, but still you will never forget that it is a cheap case.

Sony offers, like most Android manufacturers, phones for all budgets. At the top of the pecking order, see Z-series, then come the T and M-phones for the mid-range, and eventually you will find E-class, which places the ‘ obviously stands for ‘Economy’.

Today’s test participant called Xperia E4 and finds himself at the top of the bottom. It introduces a screen size of 5 inch and quad-core processing power, a rarity on the South of 1000 kroner.

Most interesting in Sony’s budget cell is that the Japanese manufacturer promises two-day operating time-like in topmobilerne Z3 and Z3 Compact. Mobiles which both arouses enthusiasm with their excellent battery.

It sounds good on paper, but the phone is priced at just over 800 dollars, Sony must surely have saved somewhere? Our site investigates the matter.

Specifications Sony Xperia E4

Goals: 137 x 74.6 x 10.5 mm, 144 grams
Display: 960 x 540, 5.0 “qHD, 220 PPI
Camera: 5 MP, 2 MP front camera
Performance: 1.3 GHz quad-core, 1 GB RAM
Battery: 2300 mAh.
Storage: 8 GB + micro-SD
Network: micro-SIM 2/3 g
Software: Android 4.4.4 KitKat
Moreover: available in black or white.
Price: Around 800.0-NOK

The last phone I had the pleasure of testing, it was HTC’s Manic well-made One M9 phone, to jump straight over to Xperia E4 gets a mighty quickly down to Earth again. They share the screen size, Yes, and so any comparison also stops there.

In order to keep the price in check, it is, of course, the plastic used in Xperia E4, where a plastic must be in black or white surrounds the display. I know that Sony cannot afford to be generous in all locations in a very affordable mobile, but just exactly this type of plastic is so hollow, thin and brittle that I have a hard time remembering any inferior plastic.

Well, now it’s not a premium mobile it here, see the back cover of the pills you actually a new shell of plastic which is quite solid. The two layers of plastic should therefore probably ensure that E4 don’t go broken just provisionally.

The battery cannot be replaced, but it is no disaster. If the battery were to give up about 2-3 years, the E4 well also be ready for an upgrade to the time.

Xperia E4 feels really larger than most 5-inch mobiles. It is linked to the measures 137 x 74.6 x 10.5 mm, pocket-friendly, but which remains a share wider than mobiles in 5-inch weight class. An LG G3 with its large 5.5 “display is just as wide.

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Another ergonomic blunder is volume buttons location. They are located on the right side far below the power button where the thumb to be snapped backwards to reach.


Surprisingly good sound for the big screen

Sony Xperia E4 offers the largest screen that you can acquire for less than a tusindelap. It is a feat in itself.When you see the screen you will understand too well that here’s a budget device. Resolution on 960×540 will not carve someone with his sharpness, but rows just to show most content.

The colors are decent but the contrast drawers, you will see E4 from the side of the fast will tone out in a grey mass. It is not a high-end monitor, but it covers a basic need.

The predecessor Xperia E1 settled on being a capable audio player, and the legacy follows up on E4. It is a single speaker you will find on the back, but the player better than in the average budget mobile.

The large display, the reputable sound and 8 GB storage with micro-SD expansion makes ultimately E4 for a capable media machine at the spot price.

Capable power plant

Quad-core processors belong still rare in this price range, but it gets you so with here. The four-cylinder mechanics is ticking by 1.3 GHz which ensures that E4 rarely tacks after. Each reflection occurs when you multitask, but otherwise are generally up on E4 dots.

Includes 1 GB of RAM, which can only be described as a good minimum for a mobile anno 2015.

For games, you get a Mali-400MP2 graphics chip, placing it in the same layers as mid-range phones equipped with Adreno 305. In other words, enough for 3D games like Asphalt or Real Racing 3, but graphics can be picky at times.

E4 also seems to have fallen into the pan with battery-drink when it was small

Battery is at 2300 mAh which are in the smaller end of a 5 “cell, but just like Sony’s toptelefoner seems also to have fallen into the Pan E4 with battery-drink when it was small. Sony promises two-day operating time which can be obtained by easy use. Turn on Stamina-feature you can expand its uptime.

When E4 must be left in is it through the included charger and a comical short charging cable of 15 centimeters. It takes a few hours and then E4 going again.

Software as in the large

Sony builds on Android 4.4 KitKat, which is a good match to start the phone. Icons, menus are still prettily designed and you get a ton of features with such as a keyboard that can be tailored to any kind of use, among other things. swype input.

I am, however, less crazy about Sony’s widgets that interface, but it can be overloaded because fortunately quickly removed. Sony’s many supplied apps, however, you must live with. Some of them are fine and competent such as Walkman and Album appsene. While other apps like Garmin’s Navigation (only a month) or Partyshare (share photos without network) is superfluous and is approaching ‘bloatware’.

Camera app is the same as you find in Sony’s most expensive Z-mobiles and provides an unprecedented high level of functions and features in a budget device. If otherwise the camera can deliver.

E4 must be your very first mobile is the ‘ Simple Start ‘ worth a try. Instead of having Android in his usual outfit can be replaced by 12 large home screen tabs, each with their own function such as browser, settings, folders, camera or other.

Do not delete the stupid camera

For the photo excited is E4 ekviperet with camera at 5 megapixels. The solution is the lowest common denominator, but gradually the little camera performs very well in spite of its budget roots.

Are you willing to invest some time in getting the best out of your photos via the manual function can be hives quite good photos out of your phone. Turns you alone to full auto setting is good, but E4 colors have a tendency to underexpose.

Do you want to experiment offers E4 also on many advanced features: HDR, panoramic, time-lapse, livestream to Youtube, live retouching and many other features provide rich opportunities for the photo play curious.

Even at low light perform E4 relatively well. The small photo module deliver usable photos which exactly ranks to divisions on social media without you having to be ashamed of yourself. And so it has a photo light, which is not self-evident in this price range.

The videos have the same good qualities, and so you can record Full HD – which is unheard of for mobiles in this category. The videos are measuring themselves not entirely with more expensive cars, but will row to social media, provided that you’re shooting in daylight.

Front camera of 2 megapixel is also approved, and again, so I’m just happy to be included in such a cheap device.

An excellent mobile in ussel packaging

It is an exciting device Sony here has put together. Here you get a relatively large screen, a satisfactory performance and an excellent camera – all at a low, low price.

Yet I cannot get his arms quite in weather over Sony’s veltænkte budgetbud. For the feels cheap, too cheap. The miserable plastic enclosing E4 is not 5 flat ølkapsler worth, and it irks every time the phone is taken into use. It is really sturdy enough, but it feels quite simply, frugally.

Sony had just put 50 ears more into the Cabinet, would be a surefire favorite Xperia E4 as the year’s budget mobile. As it is now, is it a snuff sensible mobile to them exclusively watchman function over form.

We therefore on lands 4 ½ out of 6 possible stars.