Sporting Fishing Regulations of Corrientes

The powers conferred on the Directorate of Natural Resources on sport fishing by Decrees No. 660/75 and 1304/78, 2348/83, Law No. 4333/89, 4827/94 and other related rules, and;

Article 7: The authorized species and measures are:

Species Measurements:

Dorado 75 cm
Dorado for the Departments from Stoned to Corner 65 cm
Pacú 45 cm
Surubí painted 85 cm
Surubí tabby 80 cm
Salmon 45 cm
Patí 70 cm
Boga 45 cm
Chad 40 cm
Corvina 25 cm
Manduré 40 cm
Arming 45 cm
Catfish 20 cm
Catfish Yellow 25 cm
Moncholo 30 cm
Palometa 20 cm
Virreina 30 cm

Measurements are taken from the tip of the snout to the tip of the caudal fin.

Article 8º: As for the varied species for sports fishing, the maximum authorized quantity for the extraction per fisherman per day and to be transported per day of fishing are the following:

Species and Quantity:

Pacu 1
Salmon 2
Pati 3
Boga 5
Chad 3
Corvina 5
Mandre 5
Armed 5
Catfish 5
Yellow Catfish 5
Moncholo 5
Palometa 10
Virreina 5

Article 9: To prohibit the sport and commercial fishing of Manguruyú (Zungaro jahu) for an indefinite period.

Article 10: Prohibit the transport of specimens in divided and/or filleted form, according to the provisions in force.

Article 11: Tour operators, fishing guides and license sellers shall inform all interested fishermen of the species and the quotas of pieces allowed to be extracted and transported in accordance with this standard.

Article 12: Failure to comply with what is established in this provision will be sanctioned according to what is established in current regulations.