Steel Pier, New Jersey

Steel Pier (USA) – description, history, location. Exact address, phone number, website. Reviews of tourists, photos and videos.

“The Stage of the Nation” was how newspapers of the early 20th century spoke of Steel Pier. The first full-fledged all-inclusive amusement park in New Jersey and one of the first in all of America, Steel Pier entertained East Coast crowds to fame. Cinemas and attractions, a water circus, a sea ballroom, a car show and the famous Diving Horses of Atlantic City – this is an incomplete list of local attractions, and Sinatra and the Beatles were honored to perform on its stage. Today, Steel Pier is still the premier entertainment destination in Atlantic City, with more than 30 rides and attractions for kids and their parents, and restaurants and cafes to name but a few. See citypopulationreview for state facts, symbols and history of New Jersey.

At Steel Pier, 25 rides of varying degrees of extremeness are offered to the public.

A bit of history

Steel Pier opened to the public in 1898. At first, there was only a concert hall, where cabaret concerts were held, dances and variety shows worked, but after a decade, permanent exhibitions, rides and carousels appeared on the pier. Throughout its history, Steel Pier has been reconstructed and rebuilt several times, it was owned by famous showmen: Frank Gravet, George Hamid and, finally, Donald Trump, who owned the site until 2011. Then Steel Pier was sold to a group of entrepreneurs, and today is experiencing a gradual return to its former brilliant glory at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

A resounding success in the 1920s and 30s was brought to Steel Pier by the Diving Horses ride. A rider on a horse climbed a diving board 18 meters high, after which the two of them dived into the ocean.

What to watch

Steel Pier is a huge amusement park that sits entirely on a steel pier, hence its name. The public is offered 25 attractions of varying degrees of extremeness and several slides, carousels and trains for the little ones. Mind-saving rides include beach buggies, a double decker carousel, and a Ferry wheel that resembles giant steps. For those wishing to raise the level of adrenaline in the blood, we advise you to visit the roller coaster and feel the free fall.

The Slingshot attraction deserves special mention (it’s easy to guess about the principles of its operation): you will accelerate to a speed of 200 km/h in just a second and a half, and your body will feel an overload of 5G.

Here you can also shoot at the shooting range and, if you’re lucky, get a prize for accuracy, as well as fight slot machines and take part in stationary games.

You can fly a helicopter over Steele Pier, the coast and the city; the cost is from 70 to 90 USD depending on the program.

There are several democratic restaurants and bars on the pier, and there are many catering establishments in the vicinity.

Address, opening hours and cost of visiting

Address: Steel Pier, corner Boardwalk & Virginia Avenue.

Opening hours: in summer, daily from 13:00 to midnight, on Saturday and Sunday – from 12:00 to 1:00 am. In winter, only on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 to 23:00. You can purchase tickets for individual attractions.


Prices on the page are for July 2021.

Trump Taj Mahal

Trump Taj Mahal (USA) – description, history, location. Exact address, phone number, website. Reviews of tourists, photos and videos.

Hotel, casino, entertainment complex and much more – all this is the Trump Taj Mahal, an entertainment mecca for anyone who comes to Atlantic City and the most pompous building in the city. Seven life-size stone elephants in front of the entrance, as if unobtrusively hint at the capital invested in the construction. However, the founders of the Taj Mahal, the main of which is the multibillionaire Donald Trump, have long won back what they have spent – and first of all they were helped by a casino where they play (and, of course, lose) for big money. 2,500 slot machines, 130 gaming tables and a poker room that hosts nothing less than the annual US Championship of Poker – these are the Trump Taj Mahal version of money-grabbing.

What to watch

As the name implies, “Trump Taj Mahal” is designed to overshadow the scale and grandeur of the original mausoleum in Agra. By the elegance of architectural forms, the creation of Shah Jahan, of course, has no equal, but the decoration of the complex convincingly furnishes Indian architects. The building boasts not only seven elephants, but also 70 minaret columns, a steel content four times that of the Eiffel Tower, and a 30-meter long reception desk.

You should definitely look into the baccarat room – here the atmosphere of the salons of the early 20th century is recreated.


Visitors to the Trump Taj Mahal, of course, first of all flock to the casino. Red velvet, crystal chandeliers, marble columns and golden stucco molding are the best way to tune in to the spendthrift mood. In the central hall of the casino, 2517 slot machines are installed in rows, the rates in which start from 1 USD. Blackjack, mini-baccarat, roulette and various poker variants are played at 130 tables in the game room. You should definitely look into the baccarat room – here the atmosphere of the salons of the early 20th century is recreated.

Each evening, two stages of the Trump Taj Mahal host concerts by local and visiting celebrities. You can also visit the karaoke show and disco at the Blue Velvet Theatre, the Scores adult club and the rooftop bar with a telling name Rooftop.

Directly opposite the complex is Steel Pier with its amusement park and evening entertainment.

Where to stay

In order to spend the night in the city, it is absolutely not necessary to go beyond the Trump Taj Mahal – the complex operates a 5-star hotel. You can choose from standard rooms in two “towers” – Taj and Chairman, or stay in style in suites – Chairman, Royal and Penthouse. An attentive guest will find Italian marble baths here. A spa, fitness center and swimming pool are available for visitors.

Where to dine

About ten Trump Taj Mahal restaurants offer a quick bite to eat or a tasteful lunch with panoramic ocean views. Be sure to check out the Spice Road – a real restaurant street that stretches right inside the Taj Mahal building. Here, light snacks, desserts and sweets from all over the world are prepared for guests.

Practical Information

Address: Trupm Taj Mahal, 1000 Boardwalk at Virginia Avenue.

Opening hours: around the clock.

Steel Pier, New Jersey