Ten Talents ‘Made in Spain’ Which Already Are Giving Much of That Talk (V)

Image of Backstage at VRL | Paco Varela o-I 2012 / 2013

With this fourth and final post ended the series dedicated to the talents ten Spanish talents more we liked for its collections submitted for the upcoming season of autumn/winter 2012 / 2013.

A special that has raised some controversy as I’ve noticed in some of your comments. And in this regard I must say that more or less collections have been like me, but my goal was not rating them, but give a boost, a little encouragement and mainly a support to new generations of Spanish design -which certainly and those who do this know it – have it very difficult when presenting their collections and much more when it comes to market them. While it is true that times are changing, we still have far to go.

Explained this small nuance, we continue with the final installment, in which we present the proposals of Paco Varela y Georgina Vendrell, both exhibited at the recent Valencia Fashion Week.

VRL | Paco Varela

‘Peccato’ It is a collection that describes the same designer as well “tempts to sin as a moral crime, attraction and desire as I look forward to quench a taste”. And just from that attraction can understand its cheeky looks, daring, sensual, adventurous… Is the man of VRL by Paco Varela if something is marked because it does not go unnoticed, and to me this what you want to tell you, but I love it.

Is why their outfits although very basic refers this time in terms of color – the pairing black and white It is the great protagonist total, along with the gray – do not cease to be rich and opulent use of some fabrics and applications, as the pattern of shiny Leopard, the snake, or sequins… that not to mention bibs feathers that adorn most risky parts of the proposal, not suitable for the more discreet.

To counter, another part of the collection consists of more formal garments and certain military inspiration, with tailoring looks like this, which include strategic zippers. Mittens of leather adorned with studs accesorizan a collection, which certainly does not need many more details, speaks for itself.

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Georgina Vendrell

Outfits marked air rustic but thought to be in the city, could thus define the looks of ‘Forest’, the ultimate collection of the Catalan Georgina Vendrell. Simple outfits for a man concerned about fashion, that no slave of new trends and more for functional garments.

That’s why the point sweaters, the rebecones of wool and causal cut shirts combined with worker and subtle high shooting style wool pants, are their pendas key. All of the most practical and utilitarian. An ode to the more functional style.

Cloth, knitting, wool, poplins and details of leather are the woven star, presented in sets where predominantly earthy palette, the blue, the gray scale, plus some accents in yellow or orange tile. The best the stunning curly like this wool coats, the tight turtlenecks, or the most appetizing collection of bags.

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