The Edge Solve OPPO Smartphone Is Caught on Video

OPPO’s upcoming smartphone that cuts down on the edge along the screen to the absolute minimum, is now caught in a video.

The upcoming super phone from OPPO, who makes up with unnecessary large edges along the sides, have appeared in a video on the Chinese side our site.

It is the same website, which as late as yesterday showed the very first pictures of the smart phone, which introduces a new, exciting display technology in order to reduce the size to the absolute minimum.
The video shows the OPPO-smart phone from the exact same place as the pictures were taken from yesterday. This time you can see the phone in use on, among other things, home screen, at which point a demo video of the phone play.

In the same occasion is the name of the phone surfaced. The until now unknown OPPO smartphone has the model name R7, and it was therefore not entirely without reason, that the design was drawn parallels between the new and the former almost edge solve smartphone OPPO-smartphones R5, R3 and the R1C.
A number of specifications is also let out. The processor in the large smartphone is the extremely powerful quad-core MediaTek MT6795 processorthat is capable of filming wild slow motion footage with the entire 480 images per second-double what the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can perform. These recordings will be done through a 20.7 MP camera, but from which manufacturer is still uncertain.