The Irreverent Style of River Island in This Spring-Summer 2012

River Island It is such marks does not care to follow any style in particular. Theirs is a vote by the comfortable designs, unless prints, creative designs and all this within a framework in which trends maman color directly. Denim mixes with the point and exits gracefully without apparent injury.

For this season Spring/summer 2012 the matter has not changed much: clothes are soaked color and trends which gives the whole a very fresh and youthful air. Proposals that are affordable, easy to carry, combining and stylish what more ask?

We can find from Joint obtaining in blue opt for denim, the point and navy-style is to build a very eclectic outfit that takes us directly to the summer & #8230;

… up to offers in terms of tailoring with aires very young and irreverent, costumes in white tight silhouette that are combined with color shirts Lavender or sky blue and topped the move with accessories stamped on moles or pictures.

In a few words: It smells young, know for elegant and looks classy. It is worth it only take a look at its basic season and make us some to fill our bottom of Cabinet with original designs.