Tim Cook: iPad Mini Is Not a Compromise

Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook believes that iPad Mini is more than just a tablet on diet, and thus not a compromise.

Tim Cook, Apple’s Chief Executive, has in the past been very critical of competitors trying to do many things at the same time. It writes our site.

Apple could not find on compromising on user experience and quality by making a seven-inch tablet. iPad Mini is also much more than a tablet on diet, says Tim Cook.

Tim Cook also made it clear that Apple’s new iPad Mini has a screen on 7.9 inch, which has a 35 percent bigger screen area a competing seven-inch tablets.

-“Let me make it very clear. We could never find to make a seven-inch tablet. We do not think they are good products, and could never find to make a. Not only because of the seven inch, but for a lot of reasons. One of them, however, is size, “says Tim Cook.

The new Surface-tablet from Microsoft had Tim Cook also not much left over for.

-“I think that when people look at the iPad and compares with its competitors, then I think they quickly come to the conclusion that they want an iPad,” joined Tim Cook.