Touchpad Stranded in Stores and HP Abandons Its Tablet

More surprising than the decision to use an unknown operating system (webOS) to run on your tablet was HP’s announcement to abandon it after a few days of marketing

The numbers impress:the North American network Best Buy sold only 25 thousand units, from the 270 thousand predicted.That is, less than 10% of the expected.

To the humiliation of HP executives, Best Buy ordered the company to remove the TouchPads that were occupying the stockpiles in their stores and warehouses

In the other networks the same happened.

What went wrong?

Follow me:the tablet had a processor, theoretically the fastest on the market.The reviews of specialized websites considered your operating system (webOS) very good, even better than Android.The comments, posted by shoppers on the sites of the major US magazines, were positive.Prices kept falling.

One reason cited by marketers was HP’s strategy to reduce the price of the TouchPad by more than $ 120 in three consecutive promotions in just one month.

This action would have had the opposite effect, causing consumers to wait for a possible further price reduction.

Some websites even blamed the hardware, which stuck in some applications like Flash.But the Motorola Xoom, for example, also has problems with certain applications.

I play all my chips that the real problem was not this one.Neither webOS, nor even the lack of applications (Android also has a weak stock of applications for Honeycomb).


But take a look at the advertising pieces commissioned by HP.Bizarre ads in which people hid behind the TouchPad and videos that looked more like a horror movie trailer.

“Thousands now.Zillions on the way. “That’s what’s on the hot TouchPad site, about the apps available.Tremendous exaggeration, or pure deception?


Does anyone remember what happened a few months ago, when some advertisers invented the slogan “Levinho e fininho” for the iPad 2?They got a foot in the ass.

Of course, HP also missed the price, missed the launch date, missed the definition of its target audience.And so, it ended up erroneously, obviously, in the sales forecast.

Press Release

Not to be outdone, the release delivered by HP’s communications area followed the same steps as its commercials:

“HP informs that it will discontinue operations for webOS devices, especially the TouchPad and smartphones.HP will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS going forward.”

Do I need to translate?So it goes:HP has killed its mobile devices.

In practice the TouchPad is still alive

As long as stocks do not run out, the HP tablet will still be sold.Believe me: In the HP/USA store the tablet is still there, struggling.A zombie.

I ask:does the company need this??Gee, get it out of the air.Hot site, videos, etc.

What a pity!

Oh, if you did not understand the”What the hell”in the subtitle is because you have not seen the video of the little ant on YouTube. Here is the link –