Treatment for Dark Circles

Treatment for Dark Circles

The treatment for dark circles under the eyes can be done with creams and own rest, however, in some cases it is necessary to use a combination of treatments, such as peels and procedure, to achieve satisfactory results and long-lasting.

Treatment for Dark Circles 1

Usually, the dark circles appear due to excessive stress, but other causes include aging, anemia, use of medications, or hereditary factors.

Thus, it is important to consult a dermatologist to identify the cause of the dark circles and start the appropriate treatment for each case.

Treatment for under eye dark circles

Treatment for under eye dark circles can be done with the use of bleaching creams for the eyes, as Time Wise Mary Kay or Liftactiv HA Eyes Vichy, applied to all days during the night and before sleeping.

However, it can also be used other methods such as the chemical peel, which promotes the growth of a new layer of smooth skin, or the lymphatic drainage facial, done 2 times per week, which decreases the excess fluid accumulated in the eye bags.

Treatment for Dark Circles 2

Home treatment for dark circles

The home treatment for dark circles under the eyes can be done with the use of:

  • Chamomile: apply 1 sachet of chamomile tea ice cream directly on the dark circles, it helps to lighten the skin;
  • Gel mask for dark circles: place a gel mask in the refrigerator for 1 hour and then apply it on the eyes for 15 minutes, to reduce the size of the blood vessels and disguise the dark circles under the eyes;
  • Cucumber or potato:put a slice of cucumber or potato cold in the eyes for half an hour helps you to end up with dark circles because it reduces the swelling and the diameter of the vessels of the region;
  • Hipoglos or Bepantol:it is a cream rich in vitamin A that nourishes and hydrates the skin, and should be applied on the dark circles before going to sleep and removed with warm water upon rising in the morning;

These natural treatments can be used on all types of dark circles, but they are more effective to treat small dark circles that appear due to age, or to excessive fatigue. However, can complement the aesthetic treatment of dark circles deep, genetic, and dark.

Treatment for Dark Circles 3

Treatment for dark circles slings

A good treatment for dark circles deep or purple is the filling of the region with hyaluronic acid, it helps decrease the depth of the dark under-eye circles and hide the dark patches under the eyes.

In addition, you must also use creams for dark circles, such as the Roll-on for dark circles from Clinique or Serum Anti-oxC of Cosmobeauty, rest at least 8 hours per night and have a diet balanced and rich in foods with vitamin E such as hazelnuts, sunflower seeds or peanuts, because it helps to rejuvenate the skin.

In some cases, you can also consult a dietitian, since there are food supplements, such as Oenobiol, which have antioxidant properties that will lighten visibly dark circles.

Treatment for dark circles genetic

The treatment for dark circles and genetic, that are more difficult to be eliminated includes:

  • Treatment for dark eye circles laser:the laser light lightens the dark under-eye circles because it promotes contraction of the skin, eliminating sagging. Each session lasts about 20 minutes and are required a minimum of 3 to achieve satisfactory results;
  • Treatment for dark circles under the eyes with carboxitherapy:application of CO2 in under-eye circles which improves the blood circulation in the region, increasing the production of collagen that rejuvenates the skin and reduces darkening of dark circles. Are required at least 3 monthly sessions;
  • Treatment for dark circles under the eyes with intense pulsed light: uses a beam of light that reduces the effects of the blood components responsible for darkening of the region of the eyes. Should be made 4 to 6 times per month, to maintain good results in individual with dark circles genetic.

In the treatment for dark circles genetic, you should opt for a combination of various treatments and, according to the results, to identify what achieves the best results.