Video Recording and Zoom Circular on HTC Magic, Thanks to Cupcake

The HTC Magic, thanks to the new update announced in Cupcake improvements, will be accompanied by new features, which could be seen in the presentation of the product in France, by operator SFR, stressing two major points: video recording, and an original circular zoom.

As can you see in video that enter this publication, courtesy of CNET France, two innovations are fully operational, in the case of the circular zoom, we can see it from the minute 2’05 ”, with a fairly intuitive operation, we do double click on the screen, and appears a wheel with which we can zoom through the finger contour.

This functionality is operating not only when it comes to view screenshots, also will work and it will be of great help in the web browser of the terminal.

The function of video recording, appears from the minute 2 ‘ 26 ”, sample lasts a short time, but enough to verify its existence, as well as seeing some of its interface, and the different options that we have to share the video, either via Gmail, SMS, or directly YouTube.

Another interesting novelty of the HTC Magic, Thanks to Cupcake, It is the possibility of connecting a Bluetooth headset (A2DP) and in what regards the terminal itself, includes a 1340 mAh battery, greater autonomy than the of the first HTC Android, which was about 1150 mAh.

Not discussed anything regarding this update for the HTC G1 terminal, in its different versions, but it seems clear that despite the fact that Google, or operators do not provide it, the nature of the platform Android is based on constant upgrades system, so it will end up seeing it on other devices, in fact, because we can watch videos with the novelties that presented HTC Magic: