Vilnius Travel Guide

Vilnius is a fascinating cultural destination. Affordable and easy Vilnius is a lively summer city. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, attracts tourists with its sights, culture and lively nightlife.

Vilnius is a nearby cultural destination

Vilnius is a nearby cultural destination

Vilnius is a compact, clean and green city, which is well suited as a destination for a local holiday. The capital of Lithuania is the cultural and political center of the country. The Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the heart of Vilnius and well worth a visit.

Vilnius’ colorful and eventful past has shaped the city into a unique destination that shows the influence of different eras and styles. The city’s numerous churches, architecture and lush nature make it a comfortable city holiday destination.

Vilnius is a cozy capital, especially in summer, when a lot happens on the streets.

Lively summer town

Lithuania has a continental climate, so it is typically warm in the summer months and mercury drops below zero in winter. The best travel time is in the summer, when the city is green, when the temperature does not normally rise to high levels.

In summer, something happens in Vilnius almost every week, so those who want festivals and a lively street culture should head to Vilnius between May and September. In winter, the city is calmer.

A historic weekend destination

Vilnius is located in southeastern Lithuania at the confluence of two rivers. Due to its size, it is best suited for a weekend getaway, but there is plenty to see and do for a longer trip. The city is a cultural destination with a history that pleases both architecture and nightlife lovers.

The most famous attraction of the Lithuanian capital is its Old Town. Located in the Old Town, Vilnius Cathedral with its bell towers is a symbol of the whole city.

Lithuania adopted the euro in 2015, so you can travel without changing currency. The price level in Vilnius is affordable compared to Finland, which is especially noticeable in restaurants. It is also possible to get cheap from Vilnius, for example by bus to other Lithuanian cities.

Safe travel destination

Vilnius is generally a very peaceful and safe destination. However, pocket thefts at night, especially in bars and nightclubs, are not uncommon, but they are also easy to avoid when keeping common sense with you on the go.

Vilnius is fluent in English, but older people may not be fluent in it. Russia, on the other hand, is generally well-known in Lithuania.



In good weather, it is possible to admire the landscapes of Vilnius from a hot air balloon.

Less than two hours to arrive

Finnair flies directly from Helsinki to Vilnius, and there are also several daily connecting flights between the cities, which are flown by Air Baltic , among others . With direct flights, you can get there in less than two hours, so the destination is well suited for a local traveler, even as a weekend destination.

You can also get a few days of package tours to Lithuania, which are organized by Finnair Holidays and, among others.

Multi-level accommodation

Vilnius has a rich selection of hotels and hostels of different levels, with options for multi-level travel budgets. You can get a good hotel cheaply.

The most atmospheric hotels are probably in the old town, whose old buildings and labyrinthine alleys have traces of many different eras.

A pocket-sized city

In the city, it is easy to move on foot from one place to another, as the distances are not very long. If you need to use public transport, local buses are cheap and hassle-free. The one-time fee for local traffic is about a euro. Taxi prices are also considerably cheaper than in Finland.

City biking is also popular, and orange city bikes, for example, can be borrowed for half an hour for free. If you use the wheel exceeds the limit of half an hour, they can be used for a small fee.



Trakai Castle is located near Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, so it is a good day trip destination.

Vilnius Cathedral

Located at the foot of Gediminas Hill, the Cathedral is the most famous attraction in Vilnius, easily found on the famous bell tower outside. This 57 meter high bell tower is a landmark of the old town.

The bell tower reached its current form with reconstruction in 1801. The cathedral itself has suffered several damage and has been restored and rebuilt on many occasions.

Inside the cathedral you should stop at the Chapel of St. Casimir, a masterpiece of the Baroque period. The cathedral’s numerous works of art from the 16th to the 18th centuries are also worth seeing. The bravest should hurt down to the catacombs of the cathedral.

Trakai Castle is the most popular place to visit in Lithuania

It is easy to get from Vilnius to Trakai, about 30 km away, which can be reached from Vilnius by bus, for example. This small town of 7,000 inhabitants is home to the country’s most famous attraction, Trakai Castle.

Trakai’s attractions include events and concerts in the city, in addition to the more than 600-year-old castle and other historical attractions.

The artist quarters of Užupis look different from Vilnius

Adjacent to the Old Town is the most special area of ​​Vilnius. The area, which has been declared the Republic of Užupis, is a haven for bohemian artists and has often been compared to Montmartre in Paris. Formerly considered vague, the area is now the trendiest in Vilnius, with several art galleries, cafés and artists ’studios.

In 1997, the residents declared the region an independent republic, and Independence Day is celebrated on April 1. April Independence Celebration is worth a visit if you happen to visit the city at that time. At the same time, you can read the constitution of the district, which can also be found translated into Finnish.

The architecture of Vilnius University is delightful

Located in the Old Town of Vilnius, the university was founded in the 16th century and is one of the oldest universities in Eastern and Central Europe. The 12 courtyards of the historic campus and the university’s St. John’s Church on its edge are definitely worth a visit.

A narrow staircase leads to the church bell tower, but can also be reached by elevator. From the top there is a wonderful view over Vilnius. The bell tower also features a Focault pendulum that shows the rotational motion of the earth around its axis.

Buy souvenirs at Halės Market Hall

The Halès Market Hall, located near Vilnius Train Station, is a place worth visiting, where you can chat with traders during the day and buy local gifts. Especially for food gifts, you should buy a market hall built in the early 20th century.

Souvenirs can also be found, for example, in the shops of craftsmen in the Old Town, which make, among other things, traditional Lithuanian linen cloths and wood and glass works.



Vilnius Old Town is a comfortable place to visit.

Sights of the Old Town

  1. Vilnius Cathedral
  2. Gediminas Fortress
  3. Vilnius University
  4. Gate of the sunrise
  5. Church of Anne