Westwing Guide To Lighting The Service Area

The service area may not always be the space we pay the closest attention to, but even so it becomes an essential room for the operation of our home. In this space the lighting becomes of the utmost importance and must be executed in a correct way so that our constant work is facilitated. But beware, the lighting of the service area can not be too dark or clear to the extreme, there are specific regions for each type of lighting. Plafons, chandeliers and lamps can be used to give the room a charm in a functional way.

Each environment depends on a specific type of lighting, so the service area is no different. In this page of Westwing you will find tips on how to light this space in a functional, pleasant and interesting way with ideas on how to complete your decoration from lampshades. Get Inspired!

Lighting At The Right Spot

To mount the service area lighting, it is good to keep in mind that this is a space where we need clarity , because the eyes go through intense work when separating, washing and ironing, so a clear space will avoid an unnecessary effort from our sight. Ideally, lighting should be aimed at the workplace , such as benches,cabinets, and ironing boards, as these areas need to be about three times brighter than the rest of the room.

This space in the house also requires sufficient lighting so that all corners can be cleaned with ease. Instead, use fluorescent or LED lamps to illuminate the service area, as they are light bulbs for a space that needs constant light.

Lighting The Service Area As Decoration

The service area may even seem a bit disconnected from the rest of the house, so we ended up not paying much attention to its details in an aesthetic, but functional way. Because the lighting of the service areacan become an attractive point of this space that is not usually the most welcoming.

Chandeliers and lamps can be integrated into the lighting of the service area with any type of decoration, from the simplest to the most enhanced. A crystal chandelier or a more elaborate pendant can bring charm to the simplest service areas. In the case of lamps, they are ideas for creating the main point in the right places. For the lighting of the service area, bet on more lightened lamps to be a highlight in the space without many decorative elements.