What If Consumption Details in Orange? Difference between SmartGB, Flexibonos and More Megs

Orange began the week debuting new mobile rates Go and some advantages that stretched to its convergent offer Love, while most of the developments related to the consumption of data with several fronts that we realize to clarify the different possibilities.

Apart from the changes of prices, the new Orange mobile rates have increased your data allowance widespread although in principle something have been below those of Movistar and Vodafone, but not definitive since now you can count with smartGB’s gift, new flexibonos and new price of more megs.

The smartGB are a gift for purchasing deadlines

Based on any of the rates essential, speech, Go and Love, these are complemented automatically with a extra additional free data for those who opt to buy any device with payment by instalments, so two years lasting permanence, shall apply the gift of data.

Thus, Orange would equal (and even surpass) the data offered by Movistar and Vodafone at similar rates and would have the advantage that initially, the monthly installments of Orange are somewhat cheaper so possibly also cheaper buy a mobile phone installment with Orange than rivals.

The amount of data that are added with smartGB vary according to each rate, reaching a maximum of 10 GB free for more complete rate, leaving it with a total of 30 GB, one of the most generous today. The rest of smartGB according to rate remains follows:



So it is with payment by instalments

  • 500 MB
0 cent/min + 2 GB
  • 500 MB
Unlimited min + 2 GB
Go Play
  • 4 GB
100 min + 10 GB
Go Up
  • 4 GB
Unlimited min + 12 GB
Go Top
  • 10 GB
Unlimited min + 30 GB
Essential love
  • 500 GB
200 min + 4 GB
Love without limits
  • 2 GB
Unlimited min + 10 GB

Orange more expensive cost default navigation extra

Once exhausted the gigabytes of your rate, both which correspond initially as smartGB, Orange continues to pursue the same policy by default with More megs. Collect the additional consumption (prior notice through SMS) in blocks of 100 MB with a cost that has become cost 1 euro to 1.50 euro each 100 MB. The service will be limited to a maximum of 30 extensions per billing cycle, what could be a additional charge on Bill of up to 45 euros.

As an exception, customers with rates dolphin, whale, Toucan, Hummingbird, whale Play or squirrel will continue to maintain the cost of 1 euro each 100 MB

To avoid surprises, Orange will notify its customers 500 MB before eating completely its rate, again at the time of exhausting all the megabytes and also each additional 500 MB, i.e. each €7.50.

More megs service you can disable at any time so rather than charge extra data, is reduce the speed to 16 Kbps unless it involves no extra cost and allowing basic applications such as send and receive text messages in services like WhatsApp. You can request deactivation from the app my Orange or by sending an SMS to the 1470 with the text “Let-down”.

The flexibonos lowered the cost of the extra giga

For those who exceed their rate data and want to follow sailing at full speed but at a price more advantageous than the one offered in more MB, in a timely manner, the flexibonos recover bonds data extra to lowering the average price of the giga to 2 euros depending on mode though not all of the flexibonos will be available for all rates.

Specifically, the flexibono of 1 GB will be the only one compatible with all fees and will cost EUR 5.95 each giga. The rest of flexibonos will be exclusive to the rates Go and allow to expand 5 GB for 14.95 euros or 10 GB for 19.95 euros.

So is the offer complete Orange rates