What Saves the OnePlus Behind This Red Dress?

Chinese OnePlus teaser for a new product, but nobody knows what they hide behind the red dress on the last image.

The company behind OnePlus One-the smart phone is imminent to publicize a product in a product category, they have never touched, but it remains to be seen what.

Over the last few weeks has put several OnePlus teasers out, all of which give small hints of what it can be.

Most recently, the company put a picture up on the social media with the product stored behind a cloth in the Red OnePlus-color. However, it is not entirely straightforward to figure out what lies underneath.

The old teasers tells that one can “start a new game” and that “you’re in control”-all with the hash tag #OneGameChanger. There is, therefore, probably talking about a product geared towards games. Multiple bids on OnePlus ‘ forum guess on a controller, since one of the pictures shows two hands placed in a position where a controller fits in.

Three weeks ago started the first rumours about a new product from OnePlus with views to the publication will take place next month. On the latest picture tells OnePlus also that the product “almost here”, so it is probably only a matter of days before the veil is lifted.

What do you think, who is hiding underneath? Give a bid in a comment.