XBMC Reach Android Inside Bit, Download The Code Source While

Although originally XBMC He was born in Xbox, Media Center soon made the leap to different platforms: computers, set top box… The next stop on this application will be Android and according to its creators will come soon, you still have to wait, but we already have wherewith to open mouth.

Through a small demo, you have the video at the beginning of the post, we can see running XBMC on Android. Is not a virtual remote control or a light version but such application which. In addition, we won’t need to be root to make it work, something that many users will appreciate.

In this way, and a lack of testing the Android version, XBMC is postulated as an interesting option If we take into account versions sisters to other platforms work pretty well. When will we see it? There is still a little and as its creators begin to distribute inspirational beta in a few weeks.

Anyway, for the most curious, now you can download the code source and tinkering with it. Anyway it, for now, is waiting for its creators to release a public version. As they have in the blog already works really well but there are things that Polish.

Developing for Android at times It can be tricky the variety of versions and devices that exist. This is one of the concerns of the people who are behind XBMC. The app works without problems in the majority of Android but there are still things to Polish as for example support for small resolutions and some other topic of video codecs.

We will be attentive to future upgrades because between this player such as VLC, which is also coming soon a stable version, and other alternatives, options that already exist in Google Play we have a lot to choose from.