Yves Saint-Laurent Confirmed The March of Stefano Pilati… But What Happens with Slimane?

The prestigious portal Fashionologie confirmed part of the news that has since last week to talk about the fahsionistas and the specialized press around the world. And is that finally the French maison Yves Saint-Laurent ensured by means of a press release What was already a vox populi.

Stefano Pilati, Creative Director of the House since 2004, leaving his post After having given many joys to this great fashion house, with great enthusiasm put into operation there by the year 67 Grandmaster Saint Laurent, and whose male line was initiated two years later.

Although as I said at the beginning the news is only confirmed to fifty per cent, since from the outset are many voices, including the WWD, which ensure that Hedi Slimane -who was the King of the slim at Dior Homme, which revolutionized back then and for many seasons of male silhouette – will be the successor of Pilati.

The Holy skinny silhouette and Slimane at Dior Homme era hallmark

The case is that effectively change would not be so outlandish, nor much less, Slimane relationship with YVL isn’t new, and it is that before captain and lift Dior Homme, the French had already worked in the creative team of Saint Laurent, and it seems its passage by the House had left very good taste.

None of their social profiles, there is no trace that he has already signed his contract, we will that they have probably asked him the utmost discretion and make the House who announce it. Although there are several the journalists and editors specialized, that through Twitter or hesitate in saying that sources very close to YVL, les ensure that the contract is more than signed and it is simply awaiting a reasonable time.

Everything has its logic and Pilati, I sincerely believe that it has done very well, and would be in the eyes of consumers that something weird is going on in the House, and taking into account the bass drum and cymbal formed following the dismissal of Galliano at Dior, the luxury firms they are less interested in these moments is to give scandals, and much less by their changes in creative direction. Although the two cases have nothing to do. Pilati is going, and John was invited to leave, say euphemistic way.

Personally I think that it is a very good news. On the one hand Slimane returns to the first line of fire, After his “creative retirement” (has not stopped making projects throughout this time) and Pilati don’t think having problems again, and soon to be on the crest of wave.

My intuition tells me that Estefano is going to assemble your own collection, as well do Tom Ford (when left Gucci and Saint Laurent, call it, depletion) in the very recent past and seeing as well that has gone it, as it continues to be encouraging.

This and other examples as of Marc Jacobs that even helmed a signature as important and representative as Louis Vuitton, has at the same time build up his own empire (which by the way being quite well), that not to mention of Karl Lagerfeld, you don’t have enough with Chanel and Fendi, but who runs its own lines (which are increasing)…

This may be an encouraging and inspiring examples to Pilati. Although clear that this, they are only guesses mine, which has not said anything to me Pilati. Either way we will see it soon, because as it does a couple of days said Suzy Menkes, we are in the middle of changes “The natural end of an era, in which designers whose houses take their names age and disappear, which combined with the arrival of digital cameras and Internet exposure, have created the perfect storm”.